A brewpub is a pub or restaurant that brews beer on the premises. Some brewpubs, such as those in Germany, have been brewing traditionally on the premises for hundreds of years.

History of brewpubs in the world:

The trend toward larger brewing companies started to change during the 1970s when the popularity of the Campaign for Real Ale campaign for traditional brewing methods encouraged brewers in the UK to form their own small brewpubs.

In America the first American brewpub opened in 1982 but the growth since then has been speeded up: the Association of Brewers reports that in 2008 there were 1591 regional brewpubs in the United States.

Opposite to the most of countries, traditional brewpub or Brauhaus remains a main source of beer in Germany.

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Beer Facts in America

Lovers of beer can talk about the strangest things. They bring up the best beer selections, the thickest beers and the healthiest to drink. So the next time you find yourself in a conversation with a few beer enthusiasts, blow their minds with some of these facts.
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There is a phenomenal record for the largest selection of beer in the world. The Brickskeller settled nicely in one of Washington, D.C.'s finest neighborhoods boasts that it proudly serves over thousand different beers. But when the inventory was officially recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records in January of 2002, the selection came to 1,072. The owner Dave Alexander still thought that number was low. Beer comes in daily and things go out of stock quickly. Plus the criteria for the record are for different varieties and brands, not if you are stocking cans and bottles of the same beer. Still 1,072 is a phenomenal number and since 2002, no one has even come close.

The National Institute of Aging definitely warns us to be aware of drinking problems that develop in old age because of certain factors. But, the National Institute of Aging has an interesting finding from an 18-year study that determined the advantage of consuming a drink a day in middle age. 50-plus men consistently scored higher on cognitive tests if they consumed a drink a day in middle age, than those men who were tested that didn't have a drink a day. That would have to be the greatest beer fact I have ever learned.

But, the funniest fact I have ever heard about beer and the habits of men would have to be the story of when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. When the pilgrims set sail, they had taken great stock in everything that they had put on their ships. They had enough food to make the trip and they had enough supplies otherwise. But, did they have enough beer? They might have thought they did, but even I know better than to think I have enough beer. So, why did the pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock? It's the age old secret that only one person reveals.

A passenger on the Mayflower writes in his diary, "We could not now take time for further search or consideration; our victuals being much spent, especially our beer." This passage has long been given credit for why the pilgrims decided to land on Plymouth Rock rather than travel down the coast to Virginia as originally planned. But, that story is successfully disputed by Chicago author Bob Skilnik who brings to light the entirety of the diary entry.

Skilnik notes that in the diary entry, the date is mentioned. It was written in December, a month after landing on Plymouth Rock. The reality of the landing was that there was certainly enough beer left on board for the crew who had to make the return trip to England. Furthermore, the land was being surveyed for the best possible place to settle while the rest of the passengers stayed on board. All supplies were running low.

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