Beer in Ancient Egypt

It is amazing that beer was of central importance to ancient Egyptian society. Beer was enjoyed by both adults and children, was the staple drink of poor people but was also main dish to the diet of wealthy Egyptians. The gods were often made offerings of beer and beer was mentioned in the traditional offering formula. Wages were often paid in beer and the slaves living in the village at Giza received beer three times a day as part of their rations.histrory ancient egypt  %tages Beer in Ancient Egypt

There is some evidence that as a staple foodstuff, ancient Egyptian beer was not particularly intoxicating. Rather it was nutritious, thick and sweet. However, it is clear that beer could also be as intoxicating as egyptian wine as participants in the festivals of Bast, Sekhmet and Hathor would get very drunk as part of their worship of these goddesses. A popular myth tells how beer saved humanity when Sekhmet (in her role as the "Eye of Ra") was tricked into drinking coloured beer which she mistook for blood and became very drunk, passing out for three days! Although the above three goddesses were closely associated with beer, it was Tjenenet who was the official ancient Egyptian goddess of beer.

histrory ancient egypt  %tages Beer in Ancient EgyptAccording to legend, Osiris taught ancient Egyptians the art of brewing beer, but Continue reading

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